Interactive Business Plan Builder

We understand that creating a business plan might be a new territory, our Interactive Business Plan Builder helps streamline the writing process and offers aspiring entrepreneurs and established business owners the guidance and support they need from the beginning to the end of the planning process.

Interactive Business Plan Builder

What is a Business Plan?

A business plan is a strategic document that provides a detailed overview of a company’s goals, objectives, business structure, and strategies it will implement to achieve them. A business plan is crucial and beneficial to both startups and established small businesses.

Why is a Business Plan Important for Small Businesses?

  • Make informed business decisions

  • Set clear goals & strategy

  • Understand your customers & target market

  • Identify potential risks & mitigation

  • Secure funding & manage cash flow

  • Build & enhance credibility

What is Included in the Business Plan Builder?

The Business Plan Builder tool simplifies the process of developing your plan by breaking it down into essential topics and providing reference examples for each section

  • Executive summary & business description

  • Market research

  • Sales & marketing

  • Operations

  • Financial projections

  • Team structure

Why Use the Business Plan Builder?

Create a new business idea

Shift your existing business model

Develop a detailed business plan

Secure funding

Ready to Write a Compelling Business Plan?

Receive dedicated support from our Business Strategists as you go through each section.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

No, there is no specific time commitment. Take the time you need to conduct thorough research and complete your business plan at your own pace. The Interactive Business Plan Builder allows you to save your work at any point, allowing you the flexibility to complete it at your convenience.

While the business plan is structured to guide you through the process, you have the flexibility to work on the sections in any order that suits you.

Certainly! Navigate to “My Business Plans,” locate the desired plan, and click on the “Duplicate” button to create a copy. You can then rename the duplicated business plan.

Unfortunately, the current tool doesn’t support this feature. However, you can export your plan as a Microsoft Word, PDF, or Google Drive and collaborate with others outside the platform if needed.

Business Link offers various resources and supports to assist you in crafting a business plan:

  1. Within each business plan section of the Business Plan Builder, you’ll find tips and examples to guide you.
  2. Check the right-hand side navigation bar for additional resources to help in your business plan development, including the option to download our Cashflow Template.
  3. If you need personalized assistance or have specific questions, our experienced business strategists, many of whom have entrepreneurial backgrounds, are available for one-on-one support. Feel free to reach out to us for assistance if needed!

Absolutely! Export your business plan as a Word Doc or Google Doc to begin further customization, including the addition of a logo.

Rest assured that your business plan is treated as your intellectual property (IP), and confidentiality is a priority. We will never share your data or business plan without explicit permission.

Did you have a business plan in our old Business Plan Builder? As of September 30th, 2023, access to your Business Link user account for exporting previous business plans has been discontinued due to the removal of this function. For copies of any plans created in the original builder, please contact our team, and we’ll gladly assist you.

Cash Flow Templates

Do you plan on asking for funding for your small business? Access the cash flow template you need to go with your funding request.

Have your business plan reviewed

Our small business strategists can review your business plan and provide you with feedback and coaching to get it to where it needs to be – whether you’re looking for financing, or just need to work out the details of your business idea.

Don’t have a business plan yet? Get started with our free interactive Business Plan Builder. The tool will walk you through the business planning process with details on what to include in each section, helpful tips, and examples. When you’re done, export your plan and submit it for review!