Writing your business plan just got easier.

Our Interactive Business Plan Builder will provide you with guidance and support when it comes to putting together a compelling business plan. This free interactive tool is for anyone—from aspiring entrepreneurs with a new business idea, to existing business owners looking to pivot their current business model or secure new funding.

What is it?

We know writing a business plan alone can seem like a big undertaking. Our free Business Plan Builder makes writing your business plan simple—the tool walks you through the business planning process from start to finish and includes tips, examples, and 1:1 support along the way from our Business Strategists.

The tool breaks down your plan into easy-to-manage steps and sections and allows you to save your work as you go so that you can complete it whenever it works for you. When you’re finished putting everything together, you can submit your business plan for review and our Business Strategists will provide one-on-one coaching and support.

Who is it for?

  • Entrepreneurs & aspiring entrepreneurs in Alberta with a new business idea
  • Existing business owners looking at pivoting their current business model
  • Business owners or entrepreneurs that never really had the time needed to develop a comprehensive business plan
  • Business owners or entrepreneurs looking to secure funding

Whether you are just getting started or an experienced business owner, this tool can help you with your business plan. Still feel lost? Our Small Business Basics video series and Small Business Guides can provide the clarity you need to get started. We can also review your business plan when you are done with your plan.

What’s so great about it?

Detailed descriptions, examples, and tips to help you complete your business plan with ease

Our Business Strategists are available to help you as you work through each section

Submit your business plan for personalized feedback from our team of Business Strategists

Download your plan as a Microsoft Word doc or PDF file, or add it to your Google Drive to add final touches

Check out our interactive Business Plan Builder!

Have your business plan reviewed

Our small business strategists can review your business plan and provide you with feedback and coaching to get it to where it needs to be – whether you’re looking for financing, or just need to work out the details of your business idea.

Don’t have a business plan yet? Get started with our free interactive Business Plan Builder. The tool will walk you through the business planning process with details on what to include in each section, helpful tips, and examples. When you’re done, export your plan and submit it for review!

Cash Flow Templates

Do you plan on asking for funding for your small business? Access the cash flow template you need to go with your funding request.


Is there a time limit to complete my business plan?

No. Take your time to do the necessary research needed to complete your business plan. Don’t forget to contact us for help if you need it!

Should I complete all the sections in order?

The business plan is designed to guide you through the process; however, you can work on the sections in any order you like.

Can I duplicate my business plan?

Yes. Go to “My Business Plans” and find the business plan you want to duplicate. Click on the “Duplicate” button and rename your business plan.

Can I collaborate with my business partner(s) (another user) on creating the business plan?

Unfortunately, this tool doesn’t currently offer this functionality. However, you can export your plan and collaborate with others outside of the tool if needed.

If I need some help while writing my business plan, where can I go?

At Business Link, we’ve got a number of different resources and supports that can assist you in creating a compelling business plan, depending on what type of assistance you need. Here are some resources to get you started:

1. In each business plan section, we provide tips and examples to point you in the right direction.

2. On the right-hand side navigation bar, you’ll find more resources to help you work through your business plan. You can also download our Cashflow Template here.

3. Have specific questions and want one-on-one help? We understand that writing a business plan can feel like a daunting task. Many of our business strategists are or have been entrepreneurs themselves, so they know the struggle. Contact us for personalized support.

Can I further customize my business plan, for example, by adding a business logo?

Definitely! Simply export the business plan as a Word Doc or Google Doc and you can begin further customization from there.

Will my business plan be shared with anyone?

Your business plan is your intellectual property (IP), and we take confidentiality seriously. We will never share your data or your business plan with anyone unless we get explicit permission to do so. If you submit your plan for review by a business strategist, only that strategist will have access to your plan.

Now my business plan is completed! What’s next?

Feel free to submit your business plan to us for review; one of our business strategists will provide feedback and help you with one-on-one support.

I completed my business plan using a template found online, can I still submit it for review?

Yes! Just connect with one of our business strategists through our contact us form before submitting a copy for review.

Doing market research is an important part of a business plan and I know you offer that service. Is there any way to bundle these services together? 

We have teams that are experts in different areas, so it’s tough to create a package of different services right now. However, if you access our secondary market research services, we’ll send you a promo code that will give you a discount when you submit your business plan for review. 

Did you have a business plan in the old business plan builder? Unfortunately, after September 30th you can no longer access your Business Link user account to export your business plans, as the account function has been removed. To receive a copy of any plans you had in the original builder, please contact us today and we will be happy to help you.