We support immigrant entrepreneurs across Alberta.

Immigrant entrepreneurs face unique opportunities and challenges to starting and running a business. Business Link provides support and resources for aspiring and established immigrant entrepreneurs across Alberta.

Immigrant Services

Our support services include:

Dedicated one-on-one coaching and supports from Business Link staff to immigrant entrepreneurs across Alberta.

Network referral building with a focus on pairing immigrant entrepreneurs with the most suitable support wherever they are in Alberta.

Training and workshops to help newcomers and immigrants understand Canadian business practices and improve their business skills.

Informative resources including guidebooks and checklists.

Delivery of capacity building training to business and service providers across rural Alberta to allow them to reach and serve immigrant entrepreneurs within their region more successfully.

Information on financing.

Meet our Immigrant Entrepreneur team

Our team of experts is committed to providing you with the best resources available to ensure the success of your small business.

Abdalla Mohamed 

Manager, Immigrant Entrepreneur Services

Christine Nantchouang

Business Strategist

Financing for immigrant entrepreneurs

  • BDC Newcomer Entrepreneur: This program is for new businesses that have been in operation for at least 12 months and generated revenues, immigrated to Canada less than five years ago, have a permanent resident status or protected person status and have a viable business plan
  • Futurpreneur Newcomer Loan: This program targets entrepreneurs between the ages of 18 to 39 who have permanent resident or citizenship status with no established or little credit history, who have been in business for less than 12 months
How To Pay Yourself as a Business Owner

Resources for immigrant entrepreneurs.

We’ve got free resources and tools that can help immigrant entrepreneurs build a thriving business right here in Alberta.

Business Planning for Small Businesses in Alberta

This workbook guides immigrant entrepreneurs to create a business plan.

Starting a Business in Alberta

This workbook guides immigrant entrepreneurs to starting their own business.

Marketing your Small Business in Alberta

This workbook guides immigrant entrepreneurs through the basic foundation of marketing and building a marketing and sales strategy.

Financial Fundamentals for Small Business in Alberta

This workbook guides immigrant entrepreneurs on pricing your products and services and understanding the basics of business financials.

Request a presentation or workshop.

You can request a presentation or workshop from our immigrant services team for you business or organization.

Small Business Webinars

Not sure where to begin?

It can be difficult to know where to start when it comes to your small business. We’ll help you with your next step, whatever it is.

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