Growing Your Business with Guidance


When we think about an entrepreneur, some of us visualize a lone wolf learning from his/her own mistakes, growing at a slow and steady space. We may think entrepreneurship is about making decisions with unpredictable outcomes in hopes it leads us to success and to some extent, this is true, but not always the case. There will be obstacles to be conquered along the entrepreneurial journey but thankfully, it never has to be a lonely one.


One way to avoid challenges as you build your empire is by working with a mentor. A mentor will provide you with guidance and support when making decisions about your business. You can learn from your mentor’s experiences, rather than learning solely on your own. This relationship can help you meet your long term goals faster than on your own.  A mentor should be a knowledgeable and experienced business-minded individual who understands the challenges you might face.


Here are three reasons why having a mentor can help you grow your business:


 1. Gain New Insights & Ideas


Not only can you learn from your mentor’s previous experiences, but a mentor also provides input regarding business decisions. Opening your eyes to a new perspective allows you to see the big picture which helps you to make better business decisions. A mentor will challenge you to take steps you otherwise would not have taken, with a more guided approach in reaching difficult goals.


2. Receive Feedback and Advice


Having a mentor can also provide you with a second opinion. They will give feedback and provide you with advice when making decisions about your business. Although their feedback may not always be positive, taking constructive criticism can be an effective way to improve your business while setting realistic goals.


3. Develop a Support System Through Encouragement & Recognition


We know that success is not without its temporary setbacks, as running into barriers can make us feel defeated.  A mentor provides an extra boost of motivation that drives you to keep going. Knowing you are not alone and having the ability to seek advice and guidance through your mentor helps you to overcome these short-term obstacles. Think of your mentor as a pair of glasses that re-sets your vision and illuminates your ultimate business goals.


Finding the Right Mentor


Putting two minds together will increase your productivity and help you step up the pace in growing your business. Your next challenge may be finding the right mentor for you. If you are looking for a mentor, you may want to check out The Raj Manek Mentorship Program. We carefully match each mentor and protégé based on personal and professional goals, values, and needs in order to achieve the perfect fit.  This allows our protégés to maximize their potential.