From Boardroom to Bingsu: Meet Zet Le

Zet Le, a visionary with a corporate background, found his calling in entrepreneurship, seeking a life with a purpose beyond the conventional 9-to-5. Inspired by his sister’s entrepreneurial success and yearning for a life rich in purpose and connection, Le began his journey. His dream of creating not just a business, but a community hub, led him to open Y Not Today, an interactive dessert shop located along Macleod Trail in Calgary.

Crafting Connections at Y Not Today: Where Desserts Meet Puzzles

Y Not Today specializes in bingsu ice cream, bubble tea, and classic non-tech “Yesterday Puzzles”. The shop offers an innovative blend of sweet treats and intellectual enrichment, with puzzles and games like Hanayama, Burr, and more. Le is committed to fostering relationships through shared experiences, promoting face-to-face interaction and mental stimulation. The shop’s ambiance, complemented by the movie-inspired dessert names and weekly creative events, invites guests into a realm of creativity and community-building.

Y Not Today

From Corporate Comfort to Creative Pursuit

Le’s transition from a comfortable corporate life to entrepreneurship was sparked by a search for meaning and autonomy. Influenced by his sister’s entrepreneurial achievements and seeking a life filled with purpose beyond the routine of his corporate life, he set out to create a business that reflected his values and aspirations. Despite the initial challenges of starting from scratch, his dedication to learning and growth has been unwavering. With support from Business Link’s Business Strategists, Le was guided through the early stages of his journey from conception to opening his storefront, laying the groundwork for his entrepreneurial journey.

“There are 7 days in a week, and someday isn’t one of them, so Why Not Today?” – Zet Le

Zet Le, Y Not Today

What’s Next for Y Not Today?

Starting a business for Zet Le was never about focusing on just one aspect; it was about opening multiple doors to future opportunities. His goal is to expand the brand into a franchise that’s known for its positive impact on the community.
Le’s future plans are ambitious and involve growing Y Not Today alongside other businesses, like sports facilities and residential buildings. This isn’t just about becoming the best dessert spot in Calgary but transforming Y Not Today into Canada’s top hangout spot. He’s looking to create a place where every visit is memorable, with diverse events, an expanded menu, and puzzles for all ages. Zet Le is setting the stage for Y Not Today to be more than just a dessert shop—it’s about becoming a community staple that brings people together.