From Corporate Ladder to Fitness Leader: Meet Vibhu Mahajan

After 15 years in the corporate world, Vibhu Mahajan was ready for a change. She was passionate about health and fitness but was disheartened by the unrealistic body standards perpetuated by gym culture. In 2022, she took the plunge and purchased Rage Fitness, bringing a fresh vision to the wellness industry —one where everyone felt welcome, regardless of their shape, size, or fitness level. Motivated by her desire to foster an inclusive community, Vibhu embarked on a new chapter in her career.

Standing Out in a Crowded Market: Vibhu’s Unique Vision for Rage Fitness

In a province teeming with fitness centers, Vibhu recognized the need for something different. She wanted to create a space that catered to a broader audience, breaking away from the one-size-fits-all approach that many gyms offer. Her vision was not just about reimagining an inclusive fitness space but also about offering something unique in a market filled with similar options.

The Business Link Edge: How Business Link Empowers Alberta’s Entrepreneurs

Partnered with one of Business Link’s small business experts, Vibhu was provided with invaluable market research that not only provided insights into her competition but also played a crucial role in crafting a compelling business plan, a necessary step for securing a bank loan.

Through Business Link, she was also able to apply for the Canada Digital Adoption Program’s Grow Your Business Online Grant. This government-backed initiative offers small businesses up to $2,400 in funding to boost their e-commerce capabilities, enhance their digital presence, and increase their online visibility. During the grant application process, Vibhu teamed up with an e-commerce advisor who provided her with additional guidance, positioning Rage Fitness toward success.

“One of the highlights of working with Business Link was that they were easy to talk to virtually over Teams and asked pertinent questions to learn more about my needs as a business owner,” Vibhu shares.

Rage Fitness: More Than Just a Gym

Today, Rage Fitness stands as a testament to Vibhu’s hard work. Located in Calgary’s Beltline area, it’s more than just a gym—it’s a community. Vibhu has seen firsthand the impact her business has had on people’s lives, helping them build sustainable, healthy habits.

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