Clients: Bonny Calvert

Business Name: Sniff’s Pet Products

Launched in: 2019

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Itching to Get Started

A proud Métis business owner, born and raised in Manitoba, Bonny Calvert started her small business journey in response to noticing her pet’s discomfort and distress caused by ticks and mosquito bites when exploring the great outdoors with her beloved 4-legged family members. Witnessing her dogs go through relentless itching motivated her to create effective products that would relieve pets of their irritation. Determined to find a solution, Bonny used her previous experience working with essential oils and floral hydrosol (floral water) and collaborated with a holistic veterinarian to create all-natural, holistic, and pet-safe formulas. This is what launched the start of her company, Sniff’s Pet Products. She decided to use “Sniff” in the company’s name as it represents a dog’s most powerful trait: its sense of smell.

“As a proud dog owner, I take pride in the connection we have with man’s best friend. Their health and well-being are our top priority.” – Bonny Calvert, Founder of Sniff’s Pet Products

Paws-itively Growing

As her business expanded, Bonny sought support from Business Link in October 2022 to access our Interactive Business Plan Builder, as well as explore our other programs and services available in the Alberta region, such as our Peerpreneur program. In 2023, she started working closely with Norma Wolf Child, our Business Strategist, for support and guidance to navigate the world of entrepreneurship. She’s also been working with Caroline Souza from the Digital Marketing Squad. Educating consumers about the benefits of holistic, all-natural products for their pets, remains a top priority for Bonny to reduce those “ruff” days for pets.

“With Business Link, there is so much being offered all the time. I plan on using as much as I can from this organization.” – Bonny Calvert, Founder of Sniff’s Pet Products

Keeping it Fur-Real!

Bonny views success as part of an evolving process, recognizing that small accomplishments can lead to major achievements. Her entrepreneurial journey has brought her to this flourishing phase of her business, where she is living in the moment as her business grows and expands.

And her advice for those thinking about starting their own business: “Just do it. Stop overthinking. Stop questioning. It’s about taking big risks so you can live the life you want. Start a business that matches your skillset. Find your right niche. Believe in yourself!”