Small Business Basics Video Series

When it comes to running a small business, there are a few basics that all small business owners need to master. We’ve curated these videos to help you start and run a thriving small business. From the critical first steps when starting a business, to managing your finances and marketing strategies, learn the basics of starting and running a business.

Business Planning

Ready to make your business idea a reality but don’t know where to start? This video asks 5 key questions that can help you form the basics of a simple business plan. Turn your answers into a winning blueprint that you can use to build your business and access funding.

Check out our Small Business Start-up Guide for more tips on how to plan your business.

Market Research

Whether starting a new business or growing your existing venture, it’s hard to make good decisions based on guess work. Market research can help you understand your industry, competition, and what the customer landscape looks like. This video explains the basics of conducting savvy research so you can make better business decisions.

Learn more about our Market Research Expertise.

Life as an Entrepreneur

Small business ownership can be an exciting career choice. This video covers the basics of what to expect on each step of your entrepreneurial journey. You’ll learn about the 3 key roles you will play in your business along with the challenges and rewards of each role. Discover how to identify when you’ve outgrown a role and how to build a business that works for you.

First Steps in Business

Are you starting a new business but aren’t sure how to begin? Learn about the basic steps involved in starting and running a small business so you can feel confident turning your business idea into a reality. This video explains business basics like operations, finances, marketing, and sales so that you can locate resources for your business quickly, and is accompanied by a downloadable resource so you can start getting organized today.

Business Structures

Which business structure is right for you? Learn about the three common types of business registrations in Alberta, so you can make the right choice. Before you choose to register your business, discover the important differences between each type of registration.

Business Financing

Finding financing for your business can be challenging. Learn how the process of securing financing works so you can increase your chances of success. This video outlines the 5 C’s of lending and how you can prepare to meet as many of them as possible. Growing your business by accessing outside sources of funding (traditional sources like banks, and non-traditional sources like non-profits and government programs) is an important process for every business owner to understand.

Financial Management

Feeling overwhelmed by your business financials? This video will help you master 3 key financial concepts: start-up costs, cashflow, and breakeven point, so you can feel more confident about your small business finances.

Get started on managing your financials with our Small Business Financial Fundamentals Guide.


You’ve got a great product or service, but how can you attract the right clients or customers? This is where marketing comes in. This video outlines the basics of marketing, like ideal clients, target market, marketing strategies that you use to attract customers, and more.

Check out the Small Business Marketing Guides to get started with your marketing plan.

Steps to Starting a Business as an Indigenous Entrepreneur

Starting your Indigenous small business is exciting and rewarding, but the start-up process can be overwhelming. This video will walk you through the steps to starting a business as an Indigenous entrepreneur to help you get your new business venture up and running!

Visit our Indigenous Services page to find more supports for Indigenous entrepreneurs.

Finding Contract Opportunities as an Indigenous Business

When a company, organization, or government needs a specific job competed, they’ll often post an RFP (Request for Proposal) online. These are great opportunities for your Indigenous business! Learn what an RFP is, how to write a winning proposal, and how to find opportunities from Governments and other organizations.

Visit our Indigenous Services page to find more supports for Indigenous entrepreneurs.

Looking for personalized support?

Our team of in-house small business experts are here to help you navigate your unique entrepreneurial journey with free one-on-one advice. We can help you:

  • Understand and navigate the startup process including regulations and licensing
  • Explore strategies to successfully run and grow your existing business
  • Learn about your financing options, marketing and sales strategies, HR, and more
  • Connect with relevant resources and support in the business community
  • Review and update your business plan

Watch our recorded webinars.

At Business Link, we host regular events and webinars that give small business owners the opportunity to learn, network, and share ideas. Our events and webinars feature small business experts and entrepreneurs with insights and advice to help you make better business decisions.