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While all entrepreneurs face challenges, Business Link acknowledges that immigrants face additional barriers to starting and running a business. That’s why we offer specialized support to aspiring and established immigrant entrepreneurs across Alberta.

Services Available for Immigrant Entrepreneurs

  • One-on-one coaching supports. One-on-one coaching and supports are delivered by Business Link staff to immigrant entrepreneurs across Alberta in person whenever possible as well as over the telephone and by email.
  • Informative guidebooks and checklists. The guidebooks and checklists are designed for the specific needs of immigrant entrepreneurs. They are available at Business Link and our partners’ locations across Alberta. Talk to a nonprofit or a service provider in your region to ask how you can access them.
  • Training and workshops. Our training and workshops target newcomers and immigrants across Alberta to help them understand Canadian business practices and improve their business skills. These are delivered through a variety of mediums (live, webinar, online) to reach as many entrepreneurs as possible.
  • Network referral building. We are building a referral network across Alberta to focus on pairing immigrant entrepreneurs with the most suitable support wherever they are in Alberta.
  • Capacity building. Delivery of capacity building training to business and service providers across rural Alberta will allow them to reach and serve immigrant entrepreneurs within their region more successfully.
  • Information on financing. Link to information on funding programs tailored to the needs of immigrant entrepreneurs in Alberta.

Immigrant Entrepreneur Guidebooks (available in English only)

  • Business Planning Workbook for Immigrant Entrepreneurs. This guidebook provides immigrant entrepreneurs with the basic steps of business planning in Alberta. You can use this guidebook to complete a business and marketing plan. Although this guidebook gives you what you need to start as an Alberta business owner, it does not have all the details. Each business will have unique characteristics. You will need to adapt what you learn in this guidebook to your specific circumstances.
  • Connections: An Immigrant’s Guide to Starting a Business in Alberta. This guidebook will walk you through the process of starting your own business and provide you with resources to learn more. It will help you understand the business culture in Alberta. You will also learn how your cultural background can help you to succeed as an Alberta business owner.
  • Marketing Effectively in Alberta for Immigrant Entrepreneurs. In this guidebook, you will learn the basics of marketing for your business and how to build a marketing and sales strategy that you can be confident will advance your business goals.
  • Understanding Financing in Alberta for Immigrant Entrepreneurs. This guidebook is designed for immigrant entrepreneurs who are preparing to request financial support for their new or growing business. Whether you have not quite started your business, or are established and getting ready to go, this is important information.

Immigrant Entrepreneur Checklists

These checklists are available in English, French, Mandarin, and Spanish.

If you are an immigrant entrepreneur or service provider for immigrants or small businesses and are interested in more information or requesting a presentation or workshop, Connect with Us.

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