September 16, 2021

Small business financials making your head spin? If you are looking to simplify your business financials then this interactive webinar is for you.

Learn how to create a simple, 1-page financial plan that will help you monitor your spending, identify areas where you may find yourself in a cash pinch and find new areas of revenue for your service-based business.

This “hands-on” webinar is completely interactive. Attendees will receive the 1-page template they can use after the presentation. During the presentation, Carolyn will interactively complete a full company plan and show attendees how they can do the same work on their own.

Presented by:

Carolyn Scissons, CEO, Finance Learning Lab

Carolyn is the CEO of Finance Learning Lab, a Calgary-based education business on a mission to make finance and accounting simple for small business owners.

She also hosts the Finance Learning Lab YouTube channel which makes educational video lessons on commonly asked accounting and finance questions accessible to everyone.