Immigrant Entrepreneur Guidebooks

(Available in English only)

Business Planning Workbook

Business Planning for Small Businesses in Alberta

Learn the basic steps of business planning in Alberta, including completing a business and marketing plan. Each business has unique characteristics, so you will get to adapt what you learn in this guidebook to fit yours.

Starting a Business in Alberta

This guidebook will walk you through the process of starting your own business and provide you with resources to learn more. It will help you understand the business culture in Alberta. You will also learn how your cultural background can help you to succeed as an Alberta business owner.

Marketing your Small Business in Alberta

In this guidebook, you will learn the basics of marketing for your business and how to build a marketing and sales strategy that you can be confident will advance your business goals.

Finance Workbook

Financial Fundamentals for Small Business in Alberta

This guidebook is designed for immigrant entrepreneurs who are preparing to request financial support for their new or growing business. Whether you have not quite started your business, or are established and getting ready to go, this is important information.

Small Business Guides

(Spanish, Mandarin, English, French)

We have translated some of our Small Business Guides to Spanish and Mandarin to help you with your small business. Looking for more guides? You can find all of our Small Business Guides in english and french here.

Small Business Start-up Guide

Simplify your start-up “to do’s” with this helpful guide. We’ll walk you through all the steps involved to turn your business idea into reality.

Small Business Financial Fundamentals Guide

Test your knowledge with this financial guide. You may discover that financials are more insightful with the right tools.

Financial Statements 101

Arrive at your accountant’s office armed with a better understanding of the financial statements most used to assess the health of your business. Whip your business into financial shape today!

Guide to Financial Terms

Dazzle your banker with your new found financial vocabulary. Every acronym has a story and you will soon find out the difference between a CAGR and a COGS.

Small Business Marketing Guide

Hello? Is anyone out there? Gaining new customers starts with a solid marketing strategy. Discover the strategies and processes that go into driving eager customers to your doorstep.

Different by Design

You are special. You are different. Tell the world how by completing the exercises in this guidebook.

12 Golden Rules For Your Website

Oh no! Not another broken website link. Errors, missing pages, and outdated content are only some of the ways you may be losing web traffic. Download this guide to the 12 golden website rules and drive more virtual visitors to your business.

How To Pay Yourself as a Business Owner

Financing for immigrant entrepreneurs

  • BDC Newcomer Entrepreneur: This program is for new businesses that have been in operation for at least 12 months and generated revenues, immigrated to Canada less than five years ago, have a permanent resident status or protected person status and have a viable business plan
  • Futurpreneur Newcomer Loan: This program targets entrepreneurs between the ages of 18 to 39 who have permanent resident or citizenship status with no established or little credit history, who have been in business for less than 12 months

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