September 28, 2022
If you get easily overwhelmed at the thought of marketing your business then this series is for you.

Join us for this 4-part Marketing Foundations series presented by Kim-Ann from SASS Marketing. You’ll learn about your communicating with your ideal client, storytelling for your business, and creating a marketing plan and then a strategy to execute it.

Part 4 – Building Your Social Media Strategy & Developing a Solid Marketing and Content Calendar

In this workshop you’ll learn how to create your own social media strategy and establish your own marketing and content calendar that’s specific to your unique business goals and objectives

Missed the earlier sessions?

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WATCH Part 2 – Using Storytelling to Resonate With Your Audience 

WATCH Part 3 – Creating Your Marketing Plan

About the Presenter:

Kim-Ann Wilson, President/Consultant at SASS Marketing Agency

SASS Marketing Agency is a full-service marketing agency in Edmonton with the vision of helping women and BIPOC-owned businesses elevate their marketing efforts both online and offline through creative design, strategy & planning, workshops & training, digital marketing and business consulting. SASS is a Savvy team of 7 located on the West Side of the city.

Kim-Ann Wilson is the President at SASS, she is an event host, public speaker and podcaster, she was born in Kingston, Jamaica, and grew up in England. She is a current Alberta Women Entrepreneur Award Nominee for 2022, and she has been recognized as 1 of 50 ‘Top to Top Future Woman Leader of Tomorrow’ awarded by HSBC in 2011, she is a Professional Digital Marketing Strategist and the co-owner of Eat Jamaican, a grocery store on the South Side of the city.

Her favorite quote is: “If your opinion doesn’t put food on my table, then it’s irrelevant”

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